Vote 2020 NYC - Your How-To Guide

Which Way to Vote is Right for You?

Vote by Mail - Request ballot by Oct 27

Vote Early - Sat Oct 24 - Sun Nov 1

Vote Election Day - Tues Nov 3

Register to Vote

Vote by Mail

If applying due to Covid-19, select "Temporary illness or physical disability" as the reason.

Request Your Absentee Ballot Here by Oct 27 - Other Languages


  • Return your ballot to any early voting or election day poll site, the Board of Elections, or by mail by Nov 3
  • Because of the uncertainty of the Postal Service, be sure to request and return your ballot as early as possible. Even if you will be returning your absentee ballot to a poll site, complete all the steps below as if you are mailing it, except for the postage.
  • There are two envelopes with the ballot. Insert the completed ballot into the "Official Absentee Ballot Envelope"
  • Be sure to sign the envelope in the box by the X
  • Seal and place the Official Envelope into the "Return Envelope"
  • Be sure to have the bar code on the side of Official Envelope visible through the Return Envelope window
  • Apply First Class stamp if mailing. The post office has confirmed that only one first class stamp is necessary.

Track your Ballot

Ballots are being mailed out now. Once requested, you will receive a confirmation number by email. You can track your ballot here, either with that confirmation number or your voter registered name:

Early Voting

  • Early voting will be held from Saturday Oct 24 through Sunday Nov 1
  • You can only vote at your specifically assigned poll site
  • Your early-voting and election-day sites may be different

Remember, you can also drop off your Absentee Ballot at your specific or any other early voting poll site.

Election Day Tuesday Nov 3, 6am - 9pm

Questions: Contact the NYC Board of Elections

  • Tel: 1-212-886-2100
  • 200 Varick Street, 10 Fl, New York, NY 10014

Vote Democrat from top to bottom of ballot! Be sure to vote for all the Democratic judicial candidates.