DID 2024 Civil Court Endorsement Meeting

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DID looks forward to an all-member meeting to be held Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at 6:30 pm via Zoom, to consider the recommendations of the Judicial Committee for Civil Court in District seats. After hearing from the Judicial Committee, DID members only will debate and vote on the club endorsements.

This is a special meeting and does not take the place of the ordinarily-scheduled monthly membership meeting, which will occur on February 28, 2024.

After extensive work and consideration of the qualifications of the many well-qualified candidates, the DID Judicial Committee voted to recommend the following candidates to the Membership in District Seats, and to the District Leaders in Countywide seats:

Municipal Court District 1
Ilona Coleman

Municipal Court District 2
Harold Bahr

Countywide Vacancy - Place 1
Allison Greenfield

Countywide Vacancy - Place 2
Crystal Villasenor

Countywide Incumbent
Hon. Lou Nock

We thank all of the candidates for their commitment to public service.

The judicial screening panel reported out candidates as "Most Highly Qualified" on February 1st. Most highly qualified candidates running for or considering the specific seats noted above spoke at our Downtown Democratic Club 2024 Civil Court Judicial Forum.

The video of the forum will be posted here.

Here are all the candidates and their material submissions.

Candidate Candidate Submission Email Running For (Subject to change)
Harold Bahr  First Judicial District Packet -- Harold Bahr.pdf [email protected] Judicial District (JD) 2
Allison Greenfield  Allison R. Greenfield - Statement.CV.Writing Samples.pdf [email protected] County Seat 1
Eric Wursthorn  Wursthorn, Civil Court Candidate, 2024 Confidential Materials for DID.pdf [email protected] TBD
Mark Shawhan  Downtown Independent Democrats candidate packet 2024.pdf [email protected] JD 1
Crystal Villasenor  Crystal R. Villaseñor Civil Court Judicial Candidate DID Written Submissions-2.pdf [email protected] County Seat 2
Malaika Scott-McGloughlin  MSM DID Forum package - Candidate Statement , Reusme, decisions 1.31.24.pdf [email protected] TBD
Ilona Coleman  DID Judicial Materials.IColeman.pdf [email protected] JD 1
Alice Tam Tien  AliceTamTien.DID.endorsement.2024Jan31.pdf [email protected] JD 2
Elizabeth Shamahs  Downtown Independent Democrats (DID) submission.pdf [email protected] JD 2



February 13, 2024 at 6:30pm - 8pm



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