Our Mission

About DID

Downtown Independent Democrats is dedicated to supporting progressive government and policies and has long been the voice for the people of Lower Manhattan in the politics of the Democratic Party. We work to actively engage our community and elected officials on the issues of importance in our neighborhoods and promote the principles of democracy, integrity, community, and the liberal ideals of social justice and human rights throughout our government and the Democratic Party.

We have a deep belief that local action drives national change. Our members are deeply engaged in the local community on Parent Teachers Associations, Community Boards, historical and preservation groups, environmental and educational organizations, advocacy groups, as well as civic and neighborhood associations, working to ensure that the concerns, needs and interests of our community are heard and represented.

DID fought for (and helped win) loft legislation, moderate-income housing, small business protection, better schools, better parks, and neighborhoods made safer with a better quality of life for our families.

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