City Council Redistricting Training

City Council Redistricting is underway. The first draft of the maps are due to be released on June 7, 2022. Redistricting will impact our representation for the next decade. This training is important for us to understand how we can have a voice in the process

The training was provided to DID by Dan Kaminsky of Citizens UnionView the video here.

Citizens Union also provided these important resources for public use:

NYC demographic data: Use NYC Population FactFinder, a tool by the Department of Planning that allows you to create study areas and examine associated population data showing the latest demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics, and how these characteristics have changed over time. 

Find your Council District: Use this City Council page to find your current council member, district number, and district boundaries. Simply type in your address in the search bar. Once your council member pops up, you can click their name to see your district boundaries and learn more about your Council Member.

See how your Council District changed: This summary of Council District profiles (pdf) by the NYC Department of Planning shows basic demographic and housing characteristics for every Council District, based on the results of the 2020 Census, and how it has changed since the 2010 Census. More Census-based analysis can be found here.

Create your own maps: You can draw your own proposed Council District map using tools like Representable and Google’s MyMaps service.

Go to the Districting Commission’s website: The website can be found here.

Learn how the current districts were drawn: You can read the summary memorandum (pdf) of the 2012-2013 Districting Commission, with an explanation for every district. The different maps and considered by that Commission, and the old lines, are found in this map archive.