2022 State Committee Race


Beginning June 18th New Yorkers have the have the chance to change the face of politics by electing members of the State Committee.


What is the State Committee

The State Committee is one of three leadership organizations in the Democratic Party, along with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and County Committee.

The members of the State Committee are directly elected by voters in the Democratic Primary to represent their views in Party decision making. Along with members from across the state, they are responsible for coordinating Democrats, Democratic representatives and Democratic issues at the Statewide level. 

  • Think the Democrats should have more organizers in New York State? That’s the State Party
  • Wonder why the Democrats don’t have a unified message across New York? That’s the State Committee
  • Upset nobody is coordinating the fight for State Constitution amendments on voting rights, choice or gun control? That’s the State Committee

What’s the problem?

For 12 years Andrew Cuomo stacked the State Committee with allies and undermined its autonomy. Instead of allowing the Democratic Party to organize, he used it like a personal piggy bank. This left a Democratic Party that was unable undertake its basic function of representing actual Democratic voters, leaving all the influence to Andrew Cuomo.

What’s the solution?

Since 2016 Downtown Independent Democrats has been fighting to elect local grassroots activists to State Committee who will represent our communities in this powerful, but obscure body.

What can you do?

We've already won four of these races below. Early voting begins June 18th and elections day is June 28th. Vote for Kathryn Freed & Rachel Lavine and sign up to support the Progressive team for downtown.

  • Assembly District 61: Jill Goodkind & AKM Mike Bhuiyan
  • Assembly District 65: Josh Goodman & Kathryn Freed
  • Assembly District 66: Benjamin Yee & Rachel Lavine