DID Endorsements for the November 8, 2022 General Election

Remember to vote on the Democratic line (Line A) and turn the ballot over to vote YES on all four ballot proposals. All votes on the Democratic line in DID's district support and build the voice of our club.

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All endorsements below have been voted on by DID general membership, either for the Primary elections or at a General Election membership endorsement meeting.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor - Kathy C. Hochul and Antonio Delgado

Comptroller - Thomas P. DiNapoli

Attorney General - Letitia A. James

United States Senator - Charles E. Schumer

Surrogate Judge - Hilary Gingold

Justices of the Supreme Court, Vote for all Three

Sabrina B. Kraus
Dakota D. Ramseur
Lisa A. Sokoloff

Judge of the Civil Court, County - E. Deronn Bowen

Judge of the Civil Court, 2nd Municipal District - No Endorsement

Judge of the Civil Court, 3rd Municipal District - Leroy Austin D'Souza

Representative in Congress District 10 - Daniel Goldman

State Senator District 27 - Brian Kavanagh

Member of the Assembly District 61 - Charles D. Fall

Member of the Assembly District 65 - Grace Lee

Member of the Assembly District 66 - Deborah J. Glick

Ballot Proposals - Vote Yes on all Four. (Turn ballot over.)
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  • Proposal Number One, an Amendment: CLEAN WATER, CLEAN AIR, AND GREEN JOBS Environmental Bond Act of 2022
  • Proposal Number Two, a Question: Add a Statement of Values to Guide Government
  • Proposal Number Three, a Question: Establish a Racial Equity Office, Plan, and Commission
  • Proposal Number Four, a Question: Measure the True Cost of Living

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